Heating in Balaclava - Heat Your Head and Face With a Melbourne Gas Ducted Heating Unit

If you are going to spend winter days outdoors, heating in Balaclava is a necessity. With a heated balaclava, you can stay warm on the head and face during the coldest winter days. Whether you're going fishing, skiing, or snowboarding, you'll stay toasty and comfortable. These heated balaclavas are battery-powered and can last up to six hours on a full charge. Some models have three heat settings.

Heating in Balaclava add hot therapy properties to the balaclava, allowing it to be adjusted to fit individual preferences. It is available in a single adult size and Mossy Oak colors. The heaters are easy to install and are tucked into the head warmer.

It uses a 7-V lithium-ion battery to heat the head and neck within seconds. The heating in Balaclava is easy to use and requires batteries that are included with the purchase. Heating in Balaclava also fits under a helmet and is made of high-quality material. With its adjustable design, it can be worn under helmets. The heavy-coating and advanced heating technology of this balaclava ensures comfortable warmth during cold weather activities. Contact Melbourne Gas Ducted Heating today at www.melbournegasductedheating.com.au for ducted gas heating, gas fireplace, and unflued heaters service needs.